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A web guide to the wattles of New South Wales

Wattles (the genus Acacia) are prominent and often horticulturally desirable members of the Australian flora. Many species of Acacia are very beautiful and amenable to garden cultivation when reasonable conditions are provided.

WattleWeb documents the acacias of New South Wales, with descriptions of the species, notes on distribution and ecology, images and identification keys. Navigate to an alphabetical listing of species (with hyperlinks) by clicking on The Species button. Other buttons are self-explanatory, and provide gateways to different ways of approaching the site.

WattleWeb will help those who appreciate the Australian 'bush', as well as naturalists and fieldworkers, to come to know and recognise the large number of Acacia species which may occur in their own area and in New South Wales generally. Gardeners may also be encouraged to grow more interesting, and very often more suitable, species of wattle.

Feedback is appreciated, and we are always seeking to provide the most useful information in the most useful way.

Acacia flexifolia by J. Plaza
Acacia flexifolia [Photo by J. Plaza]

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Written and compiled by Phillip Kodela, Terry Tame, Barry Conn, Ken Hill, Linn Linn Lee
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