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Ramsay, Helen P., Seppelt, Rodney D. and Downing, Alison J. (09 Mar 2018) Additional notes, corrections and sporophyte descriptions for Mesochaete (Bryopsida: Aulacomniaceae) in Australia. Telopea 21 : 1-8.
Full Article pdf (1.1MB)
Barrett, Russell L. and Barrett, M. D. (04 Apr 2018) Reinstatement of Goodenia pritzelii Domin (Goodeniaceae) from the north Kimberley and description of G. oenpelliensis as a new species from the Northern Territory. Telopea 21 : 9-17.
Full Article pdf (2.6MB)
Copeland, Lachlan M. and Telford, Ian R. (04 Apr 2018) Leionema westonii (Rutaceae), a rare new species from north-eastern New South Wales, Australia. Telopea 21 : 19-24.
Full Article pdf (1.1MB)
Barrett, M. D. (15 May 2018) Three new species of Asparagales from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Telopea 21 : 25-37.
Full Article pdf (3MB)
McDougall, Keith L., Wright, Genevieve T. and Walsh, Neville G. (17 May 2018) Hibbertia circinata (Dilleniaceae: subgen. Hibbertia), a new species from south-eastern New South Wales. Telopea 21 : 39-44.
Full Article pdf (1MB)
Renner, Matthew A. and Wilson, Trevor C. (25 May 2018) Two new species of Acromastigum (Lepidoziaceae: Jungermanniopsida) from Queensland, Australia. Telopea 21 : 45-55.
Full Article pdf (3.4MB)
Jobson, R. W., Baleeiro, Paulo C. and Barrett, Matthew D. (29 Jun 2018) Six new species of Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) from Northern Australia. Telopea 21 : 57-77.
Full Article pdf (10.6MB)
Wilson, T. C., Forster, P. I. and Renner, Matthew A. (19 Jul 2018) Plectranthus amiculatus and P. altanmouiensis (Lamiaceae): new species from Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia.. Telopea 21 : 79-89.
Full Article pdf (12.8MB)
Linis, Virgilio C. (18 Jun 2018) A new country record and additions to the moss floras of Luzon and Mindanao islands, Philippines. Telopea 21 : 91-99.
Full Article pdf (450.3KB)
Ramsay, Helen P., Seppelt, Rodney D. and Downing, Alison J. (18 Jul 2018) Trematodon (Bryopsida: Bruchiaceae) in Australia: unravelling the conundrum. Telopea 21 : 101-119.
Full Article pdf (2.4MB)
Albrecht, D. E., Jobson, R. W., Walsh, N. G. and Knox, E. (23 Jul 2018) Lobelia claviflora (Campanulaceae: Lobelioideae), a new species from northern New South Wales, Australia. Telopea 21 : 121-127.
Full Article pdf (2.8MB)
Nicolle, Dean and Jones, Rebecca C. (15 Aug 2018) A revised classification for the predominantly eastern Australian Eucalyptus subgenus Symphyomyrtus sections Maidenaria, Exsertaria, Latoangulatae and related smaller sections (Myrtaceae).. Telopea 21 : 129-145.
Full Article pdf (844.7KB)
Ford, A. J. and Whiffin, Trevor (15 Aug 2018) Pendressia, nom. nov. (Monimiaceae), a new generic name for Wilkiea wardellii from north-east Queensland. Telopea 21 : 147-151.
Full Article pdf (819.7KB)
Chantanaorrapint, Sahut, Sukkharak, Phiangphak and He, Si (13 Aug 2018) Thysananthus ciliaris (Lejeuneaceae, Marchantiophyta): a new record of Thysananthus species from Thailand. Telopea 21 : 153-156.
Full Article pdf (892.9KB)
Conn, Barry J. (30 Oct 2018) Transfer of Rapanea brassii P.Royen to Myrsine. Telopea 21 : 157-159.
Full Article pdf (373.4KB)
Mustaqim, Wendy A., Astuti, Inggit P. and Rahayu, Sri (18 Oct 2018) Hoya anulata (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae): a new record in Maluku, Indonesia. Telopea 21 : 161-165.
Full Article pdf (5MB)
Kodela, Phillip G. and Jobson, Richard W. (29 Nov 2018) Hydrocleys nymphoides (Alismataceae) naturalised in New South Wales waterways. Telopea 21 : 167-173.
Full Article pdf (2.9MB)
Chua, Mung-Seng, Ho, Boon-Chuan, Suleiman, Monica, Zuo, Qin, Zhang, Dianxiang and Zhang, Li (29 Nov 2018) Lectotypification of Acroporium hyalinum (Reinw. ex Schwägr.) Mitt. (Hypnales: Sematophyllaceae). Telopea 21 : 175–185.
Full Article pdf (2.1MB)
Renner, Matthew A. (29 Nov 2018) A revision of Australian Plagiochila (Lophocoleinae: Jungermanniopsida). Telopea 21 : 187-380.
Full Article pdf (20.4MB)
Alvarez, Philippa R. and Duretto, Marco F. (02 Jan 2019) A reassessment of Asterolasia correifolia (Rutaceae) with descriptions of the newly recognised A. exasperata and A. sola. Telopea 21 : 381-389.
Full Article pdf (3.2MB)
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