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   Algarum (INA)
World's first extinct seaweed

NSW711491 Metagoniolithon chara (Lam.) Ducker

Metagoniolithon chara (Lam.) Ducker Corallinaceae Corallinales Rhodophyta
Photographed by Julie Taylor
Current Name Metagoniolithon chara (Lam.) Ducker
Family Corallinaceae
Det A.J.K. Millar, 01 May 2003

Type Status
Basionym/Harvey's Name Amphiroa granifera Harv.

Collector W.H. Harvey 460 C Date Mar 1854
Locality AUSTRALIA, WA, Cape Riche [Harvey's site C]. (34 37 S, 118 47 E)
Notes This specimen is from W.H. Harvey's Australian Algal Exsiccatae Set No. 51. Sold to J. Van Voorst, January 1857. Property of The Mitchell Library.

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